PT Indo Sehat Utama is the provider of SPINECOR® device and components for scoliosis bracing.

As our devices and products are specific to health conditions, we place very strong emphasis in product knowledge, training and support to practitioners and retailers who use our devices. Continual training as well as increased public awareness is also one of our main objectives.

PT Indo Sehat Utama (ISU) commits itself in further trainings of its providers who are SpineCor bracers for the clinical understanding and improvement of optimal bracing techniques for scoliosis management.

PT ISU currently has 3 fully accredited and licensed SpineCor bracers, as well as 2 certified and licensed physiotherapists trained in SpineCor Scoliosis physio-exercise program. The team is dedicated to train and assist the growing number of bracers, local physiotherapists and rehabilitation doctors who showed an interest scoliosis management.


  • Distribution Development
    Leverage local and international distribution network and develop new channels
  • Logistics and Storage
    Warehousing and logistics based in Indonesia
  • Customer Service
    Strong support to local and international retailers and customers
  • Marketing
    Localised and international marketing, Public Relations, media related publicities, events and tradeshows. Strong online and social media presence
  • Data Driven Research
    Emphasis on data and research to minimize execution risks
  • Training
    Support of practitioners, clinical staff, marketing team.